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The single most important thing to know is where your main shutoff valve is and how to use it. The diagram above shows the two most common types of valves used to shut off the water supply to the structure. All members of the household should know the location of this valve.


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If a sink is running slow, always check the P-trap for debris before scheduling service. If this area looks good the clog is within the pipes and should be cabled to remove the blockage. Avoid chemicals whenever possible, they may corrode or damage your pipes.


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Avoid dealing with companies who refuse to give you a price range based on the information you are providing. This is usually a sales tactic used to get a technician on site, assuming you will approve the repair even though the price is extremely high.


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Tree roots penetrating pipes are the number one cause associated with sewer  back-ups. If you have experienced this issue, we would recommend yearly preventative maintenance of the mainline.


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Toilets consume more than 40% of your total water usuage. A minor rebuild can keep the units operating efficiently. A leaky faucet that drips once per second can waste 250 gallons per month.


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If you notice a sewer odor , check your floor drains or unused fixtures for the source of the smell. If the P-trap is dry due to cracks or non-use, odors and flies/gnats can escape.


Homeowners shouldn't use their toilets as trash cans, since flushing anything except toilet paper le

 Homeowners shouldn't use their toilets as trash cans, since flushing anything except toilet paper leads to nasty clogs. Even “flushable” baby wipes & hygiene products can back up the system!  


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We recommend a full flush of the tank yearly. This is where you turn the temperature down and then completely drain the tank. You then turn the water back on while the drain is open and let the water flow for a minute or so to help remove any lingering sediment or debris. 


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We always support the DIY homeowner. Make sure and do some research on the project you are about to undertake. If you need some professional advice, give us a call. We are always happy to help.


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Garbage disposals aren't invincible. They are not a substitute for your trash can. Most units will grind up what you send down them, however, many times the pipes will not accept heavy volumes of food many homeowners send down them.


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Disconnect hoses and drain/blow out your sprinkler system prior to the arrival of freezing temperatures. If your pipes do freeze, turn off the water to the structure and call a professional. If the water is left on and the pipe thaws, disaster could be the result.


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If a plumbing emergency arises, turn off the main water valve IMMEDIATELY. This will reduce the damage to your home and give you a chance to evaluate your situation. Many homeowners panic and end up paying outrageous repair costs.

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